Friday, August 12, 2011

Vintage Treasures Part Deux!

BY NOW I had hoped someone would pay me to do their shopping for them, but since I've had no such luck on that front, I am growing increasingly fond of the idea of opening up my own little vintage boutique or vintage housewares/upcycled furniture shop. I love when classic things get a fresh twist! It's also worth mentioning that this flicker of inspiration has been fueled by my late-night Mad Men marathons.

Here are some things I've bought in the last few months:

1. Buying secondhand leather shoes is one exception I've made to buying animal products.

2. Although it appears to be vintage, this dress is from Anthropologie. I couldn't resist scooping it up for—you guessed it!a wedding in September. :o)

3. This quartz bracelet is currently one of my favorite things! It's made partially from vintage materialseight lemon faceted circular quartz crystal beads and three quartz crystal faceted transparent square beads.

4. I needed a cute way to store my runaway spare buttons and jewelry. This vintage octagonal shadow box is both functional and pretty. I think shells or rocks (which I also collect) would look nice displayed in a case like this too.

5. It's probably no surprise, but yellow is one of my favorite accent colors. I love this alarm clock just for decoration; my cell phone works fine as an alarm clock. Plus I just can't resist a good deal!

1. 1980's Nicole Club Leather Sandals, Anthropologie Spiced Dress, anthropologie.com3. Quartz Bracelet, Octagon Shadow Box, 5. Vintage Alarm Clock from West Germany,

Speaking of retro gone mainstream, be sure to check out the highly anticipated collaboration between Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant with Banana Republic on BR's 50's-inspired Mad Men Fall collection.

What are your latest purchases, and would you buy any of BR's Mad Men pieces?
xo, m


Victoria said...

I absolutely adore that yellow dress from Anthropologie!