Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Berkeley Eatathon


NDYING LOVE.   That is what I feel for the city of Berkeley.  It isn't a place as much as a way of life.  When I'm surrounded by the trees, the sea of people wearing too much tie-dye and hemp, I feel in my element.  I hit up the town last week with my buds, stopping primarily to shovel food and drink, take the occasional non-selfie and walk around campus (to burn off calories so we could resume our food fest.)

Beautiful Berkeley hills and a view of the Bay below us.  
Can you spot the Camponile tower?

Caught in the act.

The Cheese Board Collective is one of my friend's favorite pizza joints, so we knew we had to stop there on our eating spree.  The pizza of the day had fresh California corn, chile passilla, onions, mozzarella and French feta cheese, garlic olive oil, cilantro, limes.  We grabbed our pizza, some cold drinks, and sat outside on the median while live music wafted over us.  "I could eat this pizza every day," said Wally, who is not at all delusional nor exaggerating.

Much cuter than a picture of me stuffing my face.

Garlic naan & tikka masala love.


Slurping gigantic cups of boba from Purple Kow.

Photos by my friend Wally. ♥