In A Nutshell

MARGARET IS A CHAMPION NAPPER. She loves being burrito-wrapped (mm, burritos) in a down comforter and watching movies on rainy days. Although she is not as fanatic about sweets as it might seem, she is crazy for cookies. From your classic chocolate chip to your Chinese fortune cookie, Margaret will not say no when offered.  She is an unrepentant cheese fiend. Except for blue cheese, she loads up on cheese at almost every meal.

Margaret is the kind of girl who is quick to blush but also quick to supply a witty response, and the kind of person always happy to give away her last stick of gum. She is consistently inconsistent. She is a die-hard antique freak, a ping pong lover, a language-learning fanatic. Other things close to her heart include Daosim, art & design, miniature everything, puns, taking care of plants, embracing her OCD, puppies & bears, frothy pints of beer, naps (which follow aforementioned beer), and just to be a broken record, cookies.