Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Do!... Love Buying Bridal Presents.

COMING BACK from two weddings last weekend to another slew of engagements announced via Facebook and a bridal shower this upcoming weekend means one thing for meshopping! Of course I'll be shopping for presents, but it's almost as rewarding as shopping for myself so I have no complaints.

While scouting, I realized that the usual suspects have been done to death, so I sought out some more creative options to share with those needing ideas amidst wedding season. I went ahead and bought the diamond ring measuring spoons for a lovely bride-to-be. :-)

1. Jonathan Adler Mr. and Mrs. Muse Mug, $24. jonathanadler.com2. Snooze City I Heart U Pillowcase Set, $19.99 each. 3. Lover Dovers I Love Lucy Retro Apron, $28.65. 4. Diamond Ring Measuring Spoons, $14.99. perpetualkid.com5. Holly GoNightly Sleep Mask, $14. fredflare.com6. Happ & Stahns Perfumers Eau De Parfum, $68.


Shannon said...

I still think the apron is so so cute. :)