Monday, August 9, 2010

Dogs Are People Too

O F ALL THE ANIMALS in the world, I think dogs have to be my favorite.  That's why three years ago, when my then-friend now-boyfriend earnestly told me that his childhood aspiration for adulthood was simply "to be a dog," I had a hunch I would fall in love with him.

Nick as a Native American and his friend wearing Nick's dog suit.

Pretty funny stuff. Although really, who wouldn't love to be a dog? (Unless you live in a country where people eat them.) Here in the United States at least, dogs are pampered beyond belief, with some celebrity pets getting salon and spa treatments. I've even seen one with its own iPawd. ;-) Oh life is so ruff when you're a canine.

Anyway, moving along... This weekend I made some tasty treats to pay tribute to my favorite four-legged friends. I also thought Nick would enjoy these while studying for his final exams.

White Dark
  White and brown sugar cookies.


Good luck to all of you studying for exams. Bye for now!
xo, Margaret

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Wilson said...

doggie cookies yum!