Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fruits of Labor

Y PARENTS' backyard has been teeming with life this summer.  Birds, squirrels, bees, and rodents are rampant (much to my dismay), but the fruit trees have blossomed, keeping my cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables satisfied.  My parents put a ton of work into this mini oasis and it has really paid off!

For starters, we've been enjoying figs the size of my fist.  I definitely wouldn't complain if my parents wanted to turn our backyard into a fig orchard.  My dad's favorite though, are blueberries, which explains why every time I visit a new tree crops up.   We have in total 20 blueberry trees at this point, which took my migrant farm worker—I mean sister—the better part of the afternoon picking them.  I also love the pear, orange, pomegranate trees and artichoke plants, the latter producing the most stunningly vibrant purple flowers.

All pictures above were taken with my non-smartphone so the quality is less than stellar.  Not bad though, I think.

Hope your days have been filled with fruit!