Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend Snippets

HIS PAST WEEKEND was marked by scorching hot weather, something I usually can't complain about. But since I didn't feel well, I stayed indoors most of the time. Though it was relatively uneventful, I enjoyed cooling off with iced drinks and snapping some photos. Here are a few things that made it more enjoyable:

{Sunlit kitchen}

{Swirl Ice Cream Poster}

{Wild roses}

{Bright blue geometric sandals}

1. Mornings in our kitchen: I love our kitchen because it has a south-facing window and is cozily snug. I found these antique ice cream chairs and table circa the 1950's along with red chair pads, and it fits perfectly in our kitchen. 2. Fun Wall Art: There are few things that help beat the Summer heat as much as ice cream does, and now I've got an ice cream poster! Debbie Carlos is the photographer, whom I discovered via Find her ice cream print here: for $40. 3. Flowers: Nick and I bought some pink and yellow dahlias for our porch, which Nick aptly named "Strawberry Lemonade" flowers. I also found a wild rose bush growing on the back of our property. 4. New Sandals: I scooped up a pair of snazzy blue sandals from and so far they're a dream for my feet and my pocketbook at $19!


Gillian Uang said...

I love those shoes!

kirstyb said...

love the kitchen table and chairs

Sapiess said...

Awesome shoes.