Monday, October 3, 2011

Turtle-ly Awesome Cupcakes

MY SWEETHEART of a sister volunteers for an ocean conservation center in San Francisco and wanted to let them eat cake on the last day together. Naturally, a wave of excitement washed over me (pardon the puns... they can't be helped today) and I remembered a Bakerella-inspired turtle cupcake I had seen in the past that would rise to the occasion.

Sea for yourself (I told you the puns were unstoppable) and read on to learn how to make your own:

Are these to 'dive' for or what?

Have fun. :) And be sure to stay tuned for a tour of my new apartment!


Anonymous said...

thanks for making the cupcakes! my training class turtle-y enjoyed them :-) <3

Sappiess said...

Cupcakes? Cupcakes! Even my boyfriend thought they were cute. By the way: