Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flashback: Alice in Wonderland Video Game Launch Party

ET INSPIRED by our trip down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland! Last year while Cupcake and Cookie Confections was still up and running, we helped out with the launch of Disney's Alice in Wonderland video game party. I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and show you the cute setup, in case you didn't get a peep over at the old website.


Brightly colored paper lanterns were key to setting a Wonderland tea party atmosphere.


All of the tables had cute cake stands stocked with sweets, cold pitchers of tea, vintage tea cups and saucers, fresh-picked flowers, lace, and more paper lanterns:


I'm also offering some vintage Wonderland-inspired teacups and saucers for purchase if you're interested! Contact me at to work out prices, shipping, and all that good stuff.

Hope you have lots of fun planning your party!

Love & Smiles, 

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